Man to man challenge

Sharing code - tn1ii4
Current streak - 0 days
Highest streak - 45 days
Age - 19
Gender - M
Location - IN

Why I want a companion - My brother. You know this porn has been fucking up our lives for too long. We shouldn’t allow this to go any longer. Let’s fight this shit together. So Iam challenging you. Iam extremely determined to get out of this shit hole and I know that you are as well. So lets do this together. Accept my challenge my dear courageous brother.


Count me in bro!

Name: Apollos


A: 34

Location: Norway


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I am in

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Count me in bro…

Today I am at day 5


earlier longest streak 33 days

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Count me in bro…

Current streak- 6 days
Highest streak- 14 days
Sharing code- xr2ns1
Location- IN

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Brothers. Real warriors trying to gain your life back. Lets do this together. Some of you haven’t given your sharing code in the comments. Please send it then only we will be able to become companions.

Brothers. Our goal is to stay together while fighting this new epidemic which is more dangerous than Corona and is destroying the greatness of men. People in this group, even if it is 4 or 5 or even 2 we are not like normal people. We believe in ourselves. In our ability. I believe in your ability guys just like I believe in mine.I know all of you have great potential to become the best in whatever life you are choosing. So everyday I’ll keep an eye on your streak I’ll be happy if you do the same to me as well. We are companions. Ok. Please make each others companions and keep an eye on each others streak. We don’t want anyone left behind. Focus. We are strong and we’ll stay together.

I’m with you brother
Name shahwez
Current streak 0
Highest streak 17 days
Location IN

Count me in bro!

Current streak: 27 days
Highest streak: 37 days
Sharing code: v0q549
Age: 21 [male]
Location: Brazil

Count me in guys… I just joined rewire today. 7l42fg

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Lets together! Vi arealdy

I’m new here …Age 20… earlier my longest streak was of 30 days …again starting with 0 days…I much needed companions…wish me a luck nd support :pray:…code. 8j1q5r

Code:rv3d97 Angelo and add me

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