Maiesiophilia or Maieusophoria, Does anyone else stugle with this fetish?

Maiesiophilia or Maieusophoria

I have struggled with this fetish since I was 13 years old, when a became sexually active. I trying to find some answers, why do I have this fetish, and does it have such a hold on me. My marriage is on the rocks because of my addiction to porn, and the porn I keep turning to is this, please someone give me some answers. Help me figure some stuff out!!


First of all, thanks for being open about this :dizzy:

1.Do u watch these pregnancy fetish hentai?
Or do u watch human porn on this.

U might have this fetish as a result of extreme porn exposer at early age, maybe due to the social circle, or maybe by ur own searching about more extreme forms of porn.
I know this because i kind of myself have this fetish myself, all these kinds of extreme ones like gangbang,bondage,forced,anal etc etc.

1.For controlling this, first of all u need to believe in urself, i know this porn usage has made ur self esteem very low but u have to believe in urself.

  1. U need to turn to spirituality for gud and healthy life, spirituality will help u improve

  2. Do meditation whenever possible, there r many types, guided, breathing etc. U can search on this and start doing it from the easiest type and go up as u improve on the presvious one.

  3. Stay away from social media apps like tik tok, insta etc , it awakes the sexual desires unnecessarily.

  4. Dont take this as the only thing to quit, take porn as one, all the kind and tags comes under porn and try to quit porn all together.

  5. Exercise regularly, hit the gym or do calesthenics from the very start, search up on utube and try whats gud for u.
    Do yoga, first do the easiest type then move on to the next type for eg -RAJA yoga is one of the hard yoga type so try from the common ones and slowly and steadily climb up the stairs.

7.quit or atleast decrease the non-veg food intake as it triggers ur sexual desires more and overally when u will decrease non veg , u will feel more peacefullness. And dont worry am not telling to become a vegan, its completely different.
If u want to eat tasty veg fuds , their r many out their u can try indian as well , its delicious.

  1. Try to quit the addiction, if u cant at first, dont worry and dont be disheartened. It happens in this journey, try to decrease the no. Of times u watch it, first make it under control , then quit, REMEMBER , MODERATION IS THE KEY, AFTER BRINGING THE ADDICTION INTO MORDERATION, that is after it becomes a little weak, TAKE IT DOWN, DEFEAT IT.personally for me controlling is littoe difficult do i try to quit altogther for as long as i can tho am just another eextreme addict like u, but trying to improve and u will improve too, dont let it ruin ur marriage, its a very important phase in ur life.

Remember , NO GREAT TREE WILL REACH HIGH UP IN THE SKY (HEAVEN) WITHOUT BURNING ITS ROOT IN THE HELL, to become strong u have to go thorough pain, but believe me this pain will go away when u become strong and for the time , remember this pain is 1000000 times better than the guilt after relapsing and harm donr to ur body after consuming all these degenerate stuff.

Do research on utube, google on this matter , their are many peoplw willing to help but at the end of the day, all that will keep u growing and help u
Become stronger is ur willpower and the type of conversation, type of content u have consumed and how much u have worked on urself to improve urself. If the content is inspiring, helping u to become a better and stronger person , then u will feel gud and willpower will come when u will work on urself and will improve in ur life, whether its financially,physically, mentally, in every field of ur life.

Ur mind is like a horse, and u r the rider, if u dont make it in ur control, ur mimd will take u wherever it wants and thus u will never bevome a strong person and rider.
On the other hand, if u keep ur horse aka mind in control and rewire ur brain slowly and steadily , u will reach ur desired destination faster and inplace of pulling u wherever the horse wants , it will help u to reach ur goal faster.
U have to becomw the master of ur mind, dont let the mimd become the master of urs.

There r many challenges and people here, u can always ask for help and advice and learn and imrpove from ur previous mistakes. Join some grp of challenge and improve. Ask people for help, an help people. U will feel great.

Do daily posetive affermation and put it on repeat im ur mind , it will help
Do some self imrpovemeng practices.

Dont let this thing defeat u. U will rise above all this and come out as a much stronger person and believe in urself !

We all r here, feel free to open up and talk about all these without any shame or guilt.


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