Made slip after 112 days nofap. What is consequence?

Hi, after 112 days of nofap I had all benefits of nofap and my life was been incredible. 2 days before I spent 5 min to view one porn video just because of curiosity and I made cum without touching it. Next day I felt shame during speak with some girls in shopping centre. Now Im asking from your experience, how long will take me to regain all my nofap superpowers? Whether I lost all my progress?

I dont know if I have a lot of room to talk, but my experience with nofap is that it is like anything else. Take walking for example. When you were a little kid learning to walk, it took you a long time. Each time you fell down it was difficult to get back up.
But, with practice, now you can get up quickly when you trip and fall.

So, nofap is the same idea. You get better at it with practice and it wont take you as long. How long it takes depends mostly on how hard you work to get back to where you were. I think if you really try, you can get back there in a week or two. But theres only one way to find out… go try.
Good luck! You’ve got this :+1:

Mate, you didn’t touch yourself at least. You on high streak, but remember new levels new devils.
I can say don’t watch porn anymore because devils will invade your heart and you fuckt up if so. Stay away from porn mate because is evil, keep talking to girls, keep building on your inner world and don’t let outside events shake it. One more time I’ll say , porn is evil and it’s a gate for demons to invade our souls, stir away from it.

I hope I can be there for 2 weeks, this is opportunity to test consequences after long streak slip. If anyone have similar experience, be free to share with us