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I’m happy and happier, not pence to reach a week is a great achievement I took 7 days with 22 hours, but it is not easy to get here but what if you can know esuqe I feel happier with myself and my mood to improved everything is with Perceverancia… if Some of us could too.


Thank you very much never had lelgado so far since I met PMO, realmete this if it is wanting to change in oneself and as you say well the weeks more difficult… thanks and Greetings

After 9 days completed today at 2:43 am I had a big relapse, I really felt very depressed all day, I had never experienced such an ugly feeling, I distruded the MO, I expelled a lot but that did not make me feel good with I myself and that is why I will start again, I will not see as a goal I will see it as a lifestyle that I want to live. I will just live every day as I was the first one.
greetings and comon human we have vajas


Since I started my trip I did not know exactly what it was to really feel happy and the great changes that I experienced both physical and mental of which I mention them:
1.- Higher energy
2.- Self-esteem begins to rise.
3.- More security when ablar
4.- A clearer mind for the cituations
5.- Concentration
6.-Ereciones more frequent, more firmness and durareras.
7.- Happier state of mind.

Well this road is just starting happy evening friends …

dias trascirridos/transcendent days

Estadistica global…/ Global statistics

Calendario, los traches rojos son las recaidas las palomitas los dias sin NoFap
Calendar, the red traches are the relapses the popcorn the days without NoFap

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dia 2
en este dia estubo muy relajado por el momento no e tenido la posibilidad de querer manipularme espero asi dure este efecto.

Day 2
on this day he was very relaxed at the moment I did not have the possibility of wanting to manipulate myself, so I hope this effect lasts.


Simplemente control mental, dia 3 hace una semana en el dia 3, estaba de que no aguntaba y pensaba mucho en los dias ahora pues solo me relajo y dejo pasar el dia y siempre intento estar ocupado mis erecciones son normales no intensas pero si normales sufro mucho al llegar al 5° dia, esperemos llegar…
Simply mind control, day 3 a week ago on day 3, I was not asking and I thought a lot about the days now I just relax and let the day pass and I always try to be busy my erections are normal not intense but if I suffer normal A lot when we reach the 5th day, we hope to arrive …

día 4
sufro un poco de insomnio pero nada de recaida me costo trabajo dormir pero pude vencer simplemente que cada dia sea especial quiero llegar mas lejos des pues de ultima recaida 30/07/19
day 4
I suffer a little insomnia but no relapse cost me work to sleep but I could win simply that each day be special I want to get further away since last relapse 07/30/19

Día 5
todo marcha bien sin deseo de ver P pero las erecciones matutinas como es un desafio espero llegar a mi dia 12
Day 5
everything is going well without wanting to see P but the morning erections as it is a challenge I hope to reach my 12th day

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Challange? Aren’t their like a prize and a sign that you’re moving the right direction? Start treating them this way.