Lowering your gaze (30 days challenge)

AssalamuAlaikum, calling out to the Muslim brother in lowering gaze challenge, and brothers from other faith if they wanted to participate.

Why we do it ?

Lowering our gaze has immense benefits, in both our personal bacher life and in a married life. But before that, our lord has commanded us to lower our gaze

˹O Prophet!˺ Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and guard their chastity. That is purer for them. Surely Allah is All-Aware of what they do.

(Quran 24:31)

How we can achieve this ?

  1. Offline :
  • Always make an Intention that you’ll lower your gaze before leaving your house.

  • keep low profile ie, head down, not that we hit the poles lol, but you get it.

  • A Baseball cap can cut out alot of unneccesasry view while walking down the streets, cuts down inappropriate billboards, banners and other adversitements on the streets.

  • Brothers with a moderate long distant eye sight can monetise their deficienct, if you remove your glasses on the streets, you’d blur most of the distant view. (Please dont try this if you have extreme eyesight that you’d hit something while walking, a mere -2.5 or -3 is sufficient ).

There are exception in when to talk to opposite genders which are in times of necessitites, such as work , airport, transactions etc.

Online :

This is very important, trust me most of the users who get constant urges is because of getting continuous exposing of women on screen, be it ads, movies, series, etc. Trust me you wouldnt find an avg or unnattractive women on screen, chances are that most of the times, you’ll be attracted to it, and everytime you’ll glimpse it will corrupt your heart,

The unrestrained glance results in the one who looks becoming attracted to what he sees, and in the imprinting of an image of what he sees in his heart. This can result in several kinds of corruption in the heart of the servant. The following are a number of them.

Purification of the Soul

It has been related that the Prophet, sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam, once said words to the effect:

“The glance is a poisoned arrow of Shaytan. Whoever lowers his gaze for Allah, He will bestow upon him a refreshing sweetness which he will find in his heart on the day that he meets Him.”

Da’if, At-Tabarani, 8/63; Al-Hakim, Al-Mustadrak, 4/314; Ahmad, Al-Musnad, 5/264

  • Dont browse without a Purpose , will saves your gaze and your time.

  • Use tools which hides images for PC (Chrome Extentions):
    (i) WizImage Hider
    Great tool You can hide and unhide images as per your need.
    (ii) HaramBlur

    For Mobile :
    (I) Firefox browser : Method to hide images with an Extension : (This extension blocks ads and also can
    hide images)


Here is the full tutorial on how to add adblocks

Have any tips please feel free to add.

We should check in everyday and thrive our best to reduce and diminish it by upcoming days , In Sha Allah. If you face any troubles do let us know.


Wa alaikum assalam,

Nice challenge bro. I want to join :crossed_swords:
Here’s my sharing code: 4e8x24

I would like to invite @NeverGiveup420 @VAGABOND if they’re ever interested to join.


I already have a blur eyesight So I am in.


A very good challenge bro … count me in. :100::+1:


I lost access to this account @NeverGiveup420 so I made this new one @iNeverGiveup420


I was talking about this the last week
It was one of my strategies
But i did succeed in it offline because i instantly look away once i see something would bring fitnah to my heart
But i failed in the online , idk why
But i am in bro
Sharing code : q0ikvd


Ohhh brother
Thank you very much :innocent::heart:
I was looking for such challenge
It’s called غض البصر

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ok guys, prepare your setup , we’ll start from Wednesday, cold turkey.
For the guys who arent aware of lowering the gaze or havent practiced it, might find it a bit difficult or might forget to lower at times, so remind yourself and go on increasing in this practice day by day. Start with a 3 day challenge, and then continue with that.


Wa alikum Salam brother count me in.
Sharo g code:3svg50


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