Lots of Static electric shocks, is it due to SR.... Please suggest

Dear brothers,
Did anyone experience the mild shocks alot by touching any objects in office in AC or doors or simply by coming in contact with people.
Does it happens after good streaks of Semen retention (SR)…or is it due to some other reason that some people get lot of Static electric shocks than others or suddenly Static shocks experience has increased.
Please share your views brothers.


Bruh :joy::joy:. It is fairly common during winters because warm clothes get charged up easily.


Bro wtf :joy:
You won’t become thor by semen retention


@NofapperAADI LOL :joy::joy::joy::joy:

@Samaranjay agree with you bro, but just wondering how warm clothes gets charged, i mean what is the source of charging…is it due to the one who is wearing, is there a possibility that when we become good conductor of electricity by storing our metals (aka Semen) we emit or radiate sufficient amount of protons through our skin or hair and it sparks it…I could be wrong.

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It’s due to rubbing. Warm clothes get charged due to rubbing.

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Semen retention has nothing to do with Electricity.
It happens mainly due to clothes or weather or your body temprature.