Lost the account of my streak

@Taher l had to format my smartphone due to some issues .when I downloaded the app and logged in there was no account of my streak! My HARD EARNED STREAK!! I want my streak back.
Moreover I have also LOST all my companions. I dunno what to do next.
Please help me .please!

It starts at 0 and you lose the superpowers my friend

Did you made a backup? If you didn’t I’m sorry all your data is lost.

@Taher A few weeks ago You said you will create an option for data sync. Hope you will think about it

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I am actively working on it.

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You’re in my friend list MrXYZ
You’re at 31 days

But my account shows that i am at day 0.lol

How do i make a backup of my data?

@rockon I don’t see you in my companion list(neither of my companion either). If you don’t mind would you provide me with your sharing code?

Absolutely, my code is 38e18e

Goto Profile> Settings> Backup