Losing motivation to continue... Need advice

Hi I’m 21 and I need help I’ve been trying to quit porn and masturbating for the last 5 years, but with no succession. Every time I think I’ve quit my addiction it just comes back stronger and fucks me over! I can barely go past 2 days without thinking about porn and masturbating. I’m so disappointed with myself I feel like I am losing the war against my addiction :disappointed: I lose more and more motivation everytime I fail and then it just gets more and more worse for my brain it becomes more vulnerable to my addiction and it mentally fucks me up :pensive:

I need advice


Hey Youssef!

I think I’m in a sort of position to help you out… I’m 25 and trying to stop for longer than you, and my standard up to recently had been 3-4 days but rarely any further.

There was a short period before pandemic where everything was working out, the people, relationships, studying and work… But people in particular kind of helped me to break this and be free of it for weeks in a row, so that’s one thing you could think about. Find people and find into relations with them - just daily interacting used to help me.

Then COVID came, ruined everything and I was back to my baseline… That’s the part when I was sorry for myself and couldn’t control myself and so on

But 44 days ago I stumbled upon this up and found EasyPeasy in this forum and man, that was a game changer!

So in short, an advice from me - try to find yourself among people, try reading this book - you’ll see what’s in there for yourself - and don’t bash yourself! You’re a guy who wants to break with this addiction and this says a lot good about you already! Be a friend to yourself, not a judge and a prosecutor…


Thanks bro I will read the book and thank you the advice :pray: Hope we speak again in the future.

The guy above is right, try reading EasyPeasy book, that stuff is a nice guide.


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