Looking for serious & experienced accountability partner

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Current streak - 2 days
Highest streak - 21 days
Age - 28
Gender - M
Location - US

Why I want a companion - I have been going at this solo for about a year now and am looking for all the ways I can continue to adapt and apply new approaches. I find it is best when I can be very open and honest with the topic of no fap and semen retention.
My ideal accountability partner would be someone who can match me in discipline and drive for betterment and be open for me to do the same for them.
I am a US Marine (got out in 2017), going to college preparing to be a Chiropractor and wellness coach. I am very into mind body medicine and that “hippie” mindset, if you will.

I would like to touch base once a week, same day, same time, every week. This would be where we can be upfront and honest about the short falls, successes, and lessons we experience along the way. As well as reflection, goal setting. And mindset practice… I plan to be open and vulnerable and I expect an ideal accountability partner to have the courage to do the same. We are in this arena together.

I would like a group no larger than 5. I want us to be a tight knit group, this way our weekly sessions won’t be too time consuming.

Looking forward to working with you gentlemen.


Wow, just by your speech and pursing career I actually do believe you are a US Marine. Sorry to see you’re struggling on addiction. But let’s remember with God’s help, you can overcome this!
I tried adding you but your sharing code is invalid. Check to make sure it is typed correctly!
I would like for you to start off by reading this book:

It’s a great start. Please read it carefully and with an open mind! It is very helpful when in NoFap.
God bless.



I feel like you’ve been presented to me by the universe.

I have been doing okay with my addiction (relapse every 40-45 days). I stopped using this app some time ago because I ended up joining way too many challenges. I had so many other life things I was figuring out I stopped using this amazing resource.

I’m into spirituality in a Zen Buddhist & Taoist philisopical way. I have no religion other than myself if that makes sense.

A little bit about me:
I’m building a brand around pokemon cards on Insta. Still trying to figure out wtd on TikTok as opening packs is too much $.

I spend more than half of my free time reflecting and having insight.

I get my daily dose of Gary Vee among other positivity sources.

I’ve been meditating on and off since 2009. Have never let 2 weeks go by without at least a small meditation for at least 4 years & my longest streak is like 380 which I did from late 2018 to late 2019.

I work p/t stocking shelves to give me income to invest while I live off of disability income support. My reassessment is in around 28 months and I’m doing my best to not need to continue to collect disability income support (mental health).

Have done around 100 hours of research on investing & decided to invest in VFV & ICLN. Will worry about adding securities when my portfolio is over $20,000.

I really hope you feel I’m a good fit for the group you’re putting together. It would mean the world to me.

Peace & love man!


Got side tracked… I’ve been using the fabulous app to stick to a healthy morning routine. I used to do the miracle morning which led me to that 380 day meditation streak but felt the SAVERS were too overwhelming for me and am loving my new routine of pretty much drink water, eat a good breakfast, exercise like dance to music or pushups…& give myself a pat on the back for the small wins.

I’ve been able to be quite accountable on my own many times but fell short eventually where I strongly believe an accountability partner would prevent.


Maybe we can be partners?
My current streak 0😂
But highest 54 days

Hey, just started my journey today. I’ve added you as a companion in the app.

Hey there, thanks for sending that book, I’m looking into it. I really like what I’m reading so far.
I have heard about the original author referenced before in Charles Duhig’s ( may have misspelled his name) book “The power of Habit” and I think Brené Brown’s book “Daring Greatly” as well, I highly recommend their books as well. They referenced how his clinics helped people quit smoking with his methodology and reframing shame and fear tactics, something I strongly resonate with.

I appreciate you sharing your philosophy of achieving goals with God’s help. However, one request I have for my potential group is a way to present philosophies and theologies in a way that is more objective or universaly applicable across the board.
Before I say this, I want to specify-I don’t think you implied this-but I don’t want anyone in my group with a mindset of “Only through God will you achieve” or “Only through this particular mindset will you succeed” or any kind of talk that shoves a theology or principle down someone’s throat. I find a mix of approaches seems to be what works best and some people seem to be uncomfortable with that. I think Bruce Lee summed up this whole concept well;
“Because the styles of people are separated. Research your own experience, absorb what is useful, discard what is useless, and add what is essentially you own.”
I would like to know if after that, would you be comfortable working together?

Hello friend!
Glad to hear you are enjoying the book! It is quite execellent!
I would like to clarify that I am not one to force anything upon anyone. Since we all have freewill. The choice is up to us. I am simply sharing to get others to receive, and if they choose, believe.
That is something I enjoy doing because I love all my brothers and sisters and pray for them.
I am sorry if you saw what I said as “forceful.”
For that was not the intention. I simply share the good news!
Thank you brother, and any help needed on NoFap or anything feel free to reach out! :grin:

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Right on brother, and thank you for clarifying. You seem like a person with a “go with the flow” attitude from how you articulate yourself.

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