Looking for no PMO partners

My code: 0696dd

I am a 19 year old medical student from Cairo. I have been on nofap for a few months now but my longest streak was only fifteen days. I am currently on day 7. I have tried connecting with other fighters through facebook groups or pages but that didn’t work. I am looking for partners who are as commited to this as I am. I am trying to abstain from porn, fapping, sex, sexting and generally any triggers. If you have the same goals, don’t hesitate contacting me.


Hey man! I have the same goals. My code is 92bceb

cool, just added you :+1:

Hey man, you are not alone in this! My code is 9a305d

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just added you, let’s do this :metal:

Hey man! Here is my code: 1feb4d
Looking forward to a great journey!



my code is: 58b905

I’ve been relapsing for a month with streaks as long as 4 to 5 days. My longest streak has been 300+ days from February 1 to November 22. I would love to get back on track and help others.
Here’s my sharing code: 03669e

Just added you, i have the same goal.

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I just changed my code and don’t know if you have to add again. New one is 67219d.

Cheers and a merry Christmas to you all!

Me too … My sharing code wh2fbj

Join me Boss. I can help. d1629a

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I want changes and I am looking for partners too. My ambition is almost the same.
Here is my code : 1b0zln