Looking for fellow kind geeks here :)

Sharing code - 1bc9a1

Current steak - nearly 1 day
Highest steak - same as above
Age - 28
Gender - M
Location - Southeast Asia

Why I want a companion: We are all in this together! Looking for fellow geeky / nerdy guys like me. But everyone is welcome! Add me as a companion brothers: 1bc9a1

Share your codes too that I can add you.

Have a nice day.


I think i am geek lol my hearing code is 01e5aa

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@nagate thanks! Added you already. Woah you are emperor level already! That is soo cool

Thanks man you will get there as well its all about discipline :blush::blush::blush:

Yeah I’d like to reach emperor level too. I’m kinda new in the app what’s ur age and kocation if I may ask?

I’m only a few weeks in but my sharing code is 025033.

@azn_guitar_player thanks bro. Added you as companion. I just started yesterday the road to 1000 :slight_smile:

Add me my code is 43afdd

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@Ddenzzz added you as a companion bro. All the best in our journey :):sunglasses:

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Does relapsing affect your studying / grades in anyway? I’m really curious.

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@Kuzumi I think there is an effect. But that will be unique per person. Going strong in this journey means more focus for important things like studies. Added you as companion bro.

Hi , i would like to be your fellow traveler on this journey, my code aabca0

Thanks man. Added you already. Btw what’s ur age and location?

Lol I am a massive geek and proud. Stay strong amigo



I am a 28y m from india

Cool we are the same age :slight_smile:

Country :india: india
Name @badshah011
Code : c25eec
Days : relapsed now after strict 7days no_pmo

Added you bro :slight_smile:

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Just downloaded this today, am just tired of having this problem, I want to be better for myself and it seems like I say this every time and every time I fail miserably, I like this companion idea I’ll try my best to stay on a streak of least 5 days, but for now I’ll take it one day at time and when I feel urges I’ll open up the forum and try to focus in what I really want to do.

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I see that you’ve reset your counter. Mind sharing what caused you to relapse? I can give advice on my experiences too.