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Hey guys,
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First of all I want to thank you all for actually participating in this journey at all. It takes a lot of guts to reflect upon your own unhealthy habits, and I respect each and every one of you for making that first step as well as every step that follows!

I’m a 23 year old guy from Germany and I’m actively fighting this for almost three years now. The addiction itself started building way before that, but I actually never thought that this would be the main problem. Breaking news, it’s actually not, but it’s the one thing keeping me from targeting the actual problems in my life and, even worse, it keeps me from learning the most basic lessons of life that come naturally to a lot of people.
I’m in a relationship for 5 years now, and I recently realized the extent of how this addiction affects my relationship, as well as every relation that I have, friends, family, coworkers,fellow human beings. When I read a lot of posts, for some people it’s about superpowers, for some it’s about getting real sex, for some it’s about getting manly (I honestly hate this one the most), and I respect that since everyone needs to find his own reason. For me, however, it’s about restoring a healthy view on the world and other people. I think that targeting the before mentioned goals is already part of the problem itself. Why do you care about getting a girlfriend or boyfriend? Thus is about treating people right, building relationships on general, and being in a romantic relationship is the eventual outcome of it. It’s not about getting sex, because the Sex most of us want right now is not the one we should want, need, or for that matter deserve.
Well, sorry for rambling. I just wanted to state this opinion, and maybe it helps a few of you to think about some of your goals. Best outcome, it helps you actually achieve some :slight_smile:

Stay strong, stay focused, and thanks again for fighting this habit that so many people think is normal or justified! Cheers!


Hi, thank for your point of view i found it interesting and it’s true right now is like we are corrupted, we have tainted our perspective about women, pleasure and entertainment and we went trough life with this addiction which shaped our personality maybe it made us more isolated, less appreciative of the simple things, less motivated, etc. And that’s what keeps me going right now, the idea of a better me, of what could i become and how i could see the world without this big disturbance in my mind, i hope all of us will reach it, good luck man!


Thanks for your words! To you too, man! Let’s hope we can tell ourselves our success stories here in a few months!

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Hey. How are you? How are you feeling about this challenge?

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What challenge do you mean?
Rewiring for me is not a challenge (even though its challenging), it’s a goal :wink:

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Ok. How is your day towards your goal.

You are right it’s more a goal than a challenge

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