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Hey everyone.
I’m new here. Male. 25 yrs age. India. Muslim.
I’ve been masturbating since 15 yrs old. I’ve been doing it ON and OFF. I’ve been trying to leave this habit for quite some time now but I keep coming back to it. This is my first time trying to reach a community for help on this. It’d be appreciated if you people would encourage me and help me in this endeavor. I’d really like to be busy by making friends and engaging with you people as mostly I just fap due to boredom and loneliness. My hobbies include book reading, watching hollywood seasons, anime, kdrama, comics.
Thanks in advance.


I’m a 22 male also find it hard to stop masturbating. I’m there to support others if want. Share code ixngs2 and if you want to be companions we can DM each other in time of need

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