Looking for companion.sharing code -925a61

I am 22 yr old guy.from india…looking for companion …more preferably a female…Sounds creepy…but i think…i will last for longer if there is a women competing against me…and yeah nigga who can motivate in not indugling in nofap are also invited…

Hello i am new plz add me how

Go to the companion section and press the plus button in right bottome corner and see ur code and add mine…then tell me ur code and i will add u too

Where is that section bro

Df9ad7 ghis is mine add me bro

Beside the timer…towards right side…there is an comapnion sign(right end)…click it…the section which is opened…scroll down…u will se plus sign…click on it.and then click the add companion option…if u r using app…i see ur code on top and add mine code below…hope u get it this time…follow this procedure only if u r using app

Sharing code- 266383
“Nofap 2018 challenge”

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8ae8c6 add me brothers

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Let’s do this!

Add me: 5dd357

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You can add me
Code : 1b0zln

Add me
We can conquer this habit by surrender to it and accept that we are
It’s slaves and we need not to give it energy