Looking for an accountabilty partner, new in this app

Hi. I am Jakub, I am new to this app but not to nofap. I have been trying for several years and never got past 3 weeks. Can you help me? How to best use this app? Would anyone want to be my accountability partner?


Hi, welcome to this app/community buddy.

● You can make your Diary where you can track your progress, daily activities, can journal there and many more things.
● You can participate in many challenges going on in this forum/community where you can push yourself beyond your limits in NoFap, studies/work, exercise, etc.
● You can read other people’s Diary/Posts here and can take inspiration and learn many new things which will eventually help you in your life.
● You can add people by their sharing code to see their streaks and vice versa. This will give you some accountability with them.
(Where to find sharing code ::-- Example --You can see my sharing code by taping on my profile pic, then some poster like screen will appear of my profile. Then you’ll see sharing code written there. Copy that code and paste it in add companion option which is present in the 3rd option of the app. Click on 3rd option out of 5 options present in below task bar. 3 dots will appear, click on it and you’ll see add companion option. Click on it and paste sharing code there and click add. You’ll see that person added to your list.)

Hope this’ll help you. In case of any doubt, feel free to ask it. :handshake:


Thanks for your advice.


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