Looking for a friend through this time

Hi, im a 14 year old boy who wants someone to help me, for i feel i wont be able to do this alone. My longest streak is about 2 days and i want that to go up to as high as it can ( Hopefully never-ending ) Lets do this together.


As a 23M, I assume you are new to this …

For such new users …its just better to shut the internet …and go to school

No offense but it’s the easiest way…you need real friends not some psuedo internet porn junkie to guide you through life…

Socialize…talk to your neighbours


Heyy…hope you r doing well…I am wid you…to help you out

Well in this era of super fast social media, people are in fact getting further and lonelier. Your advice seems reasonable to make friends out and have fun however, I believe it’s difficult to find someone physically to work with on fap together. I appreciate this kid’s effort to find good friends on the right side of the internet. What would we able to do if he was on the wrong side of the internet.

And hey kid, welcome to the community, you’re so young to know about this addiction, it’s a blessing. I’m turning 24 within a few days, I’ll be happy to be your friend. But it would hard for you to relate with me. It is better to make friends your age peer to understand each other better Here’s another kid of 13 yo @rafiif . You can be friends and be accountable to each other. Don’t feel hesitant if you need advice though.

And yeah it is always advised to stay out of the internet and be with real people. Play some sports, some video games here and there (age-appropriate game though), set a goal to get good grades and keep yourself busy.

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Your point is valid as well…Its just that when I reckon my childhood …It was way better without internet…
Mostly what we did all day was play – outdoors and indoors

I really hope other kids can also stay away from internet while growing up.

Children are impressionable so are teens…

Your advice is on point…Keeping a balance is essential
@rafiif sorry bud. I didn’t know you were 13 yo…

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