Looking for a companion! :)

Hi all. Been on and off w NoFap since 2014; just turned 28 this month and seeing that all my friends are getting married and having kids etc. Not that I want that right now but the way its going it doesnt seem possible in the future. Feels like life is passing me by out there. But it’s not over yet :slight_smile: Looking for a companion who’d help me along the way of totally getting PMO out of my life.

Sharing code - 2df3gs

Current streak - 2 days
Highest streak - 42 days
Age - 28
Gender - M


Current streak -1day
Past Streak - 17days
My sharing code - 45c1c50
Feel free to add me.

Brightwarrior here
Sharing code:af92095
Currently on 8 day streak
Planning to summit the 100 day streak.
If you wanna join, feel free to add me.

Day 11
Lets do dis

Added @levo2 and @aapoorv75, feel free to add me guyz


I’m 36, looking for accountability partner if your keen. I’ve added you.

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