Looking for a companion:sharing code - 46zbde

Sharing code - 46zbde

Current streak - 3 hours
Highest streak - 1 day 21 hours
Age - 21
Gender - M
Location - IN

Why I want a companion -
I want companion because I want to know that there is someone who is similar to me and is doing great by controling the urges and slowly mastering his/her control on himselves/herselves and doing great and throughout my journey who will support me and be there for me.


Hey bro .
Welcome to this forum …
actually brother everyone here is similar to you … everyone here had a PMO addiction … but the difference is someone still fight this addiction and Someone get himself out from it and live a NOPMO life … so actually i replased last time on 6 june and that is after 7 days of streak … and that is my first time that i controlled my self for 7 days and this forum really help me a lot stay on track …and currently i set my target for 120 days of Nofap … and hope this time i stay strong and keep myself on a track …
It’s great to have a companion
just make sure you set certain goals and work for those goals … and set certain daily goals that keeps you motivated and stay on track everyday.
Hope you have a long journey and you achieve what you set . I am always there for you whenever you need me… Just use @ and tagme…
Stay strong brother

Sharing Code - rwxg04


@Aman1bro…i jus dono how to use this forum and messaging…i wld also like to be a part of challenge making…

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