Looking for a companion / competitor DAY 0

Sharing code - 0d4405

Current streak - 0 days
Highest streak - 47 days
Age - 29
Gender - M
Location - UK

Why I want a companion - After a bit of a rough year I’m looking to build myself up to be a better version of me. Recently relapsed quite hard but keen to hit the ground running. It’s a new day and we’re stronger together!! I don’t care where you’re at: if you’re serious about it, let’s do it!


Hey added you and my code is 46b729.
I too am doing this with a similar objective as of you. To get rid of the lustful thoughts every now and then, getting rid of the addiction of PMO and while am at it, transforming myself into a better version of me… Lets fight together :smile:


Hey! Quite impressed by your longest streak. I’m interested to join you in this journey to freedom from sexually compulsive addiction to PMO.

Here’s my sharing code


Male, 30, India.

Let’s beat and root out this addiction together. :muscle::+1:

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I am with you, brother, starting this great adventure again.


Just wanted to say a big hello and a massive thanks to you guys. Here’s to the first step and hitting those big numbers!! I’m with you all the way :smile:

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