Looking for a companion and friend!:)


i recently started again no this challenge and I am pretty sure that I can’t do it alone, so I am looking for someone who is interested in communicating directly. It can be about 2-3 people.

And I suggest:

Make some group where we can share and support each other.
- if you get urges it is best to write someone and it will help you. Or just a fact that you would have to supposed to tell everyone that you have failed is deterrent :smiley:.

I would be glad if we could just schedule sometimes “meetings” when we could just talk, play games or whatever.

I would prefer some discreet and anonymous app… You get it :smiley:

Write your motivation why and if you would like to join.

Thank you for reading and i am lookign forward for cooperation.


The only downside to this for you, is that I have almost constant urges, so I’d be sending you stuff pretty much 24/7.
But I agree that going alone is next to impossible, and if you want to deal with me then I’m down for your plan.

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My code d0qovu.

And what about Telegram app?

I’ll look into the app and see what’s up, it would be nice to have people to lean on in this.


So i am counting with yoj

Hey there buddy at least tell us where your from,I’m from New Zealand I’m an older porn user at 41 and I’m on 43 days free from evil porn.
Your idea sounds great


i want to join the group if you don’t mind. But for meeting i think i can’t go… i come from a really really really deserted country.

I suggest you make a telegram group… so we can have chat there

I wouldn’t suggest meeting. Just maybe group call if we feel like it.

So download Telegram and I will invite you. Just gimme your names

You can add me https://t.me/MeTySoN

Downloading Telegram now


Download telegram a write me a direct :slight_smile:


Add me :slight_smile: https://t.me/MeTySoN

I joined the group today, would be nice to have more folks involved

Add me too fellows

I’m on day 31
Highest streak is 71

Zaq_73 my telegram id