Looking for a catholic companion

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Are there any catholics searching for a companion? I’m sure it’d be a lot easier together : )

Sadly I don’t have anyone who I can talk with who knows that masturbation is a sin… Please reply!!

Please understand that I don’t dislike people who aren’t catholic, I just want my companion to be one so we believe the same things and it will be easier


neutral > religious, we have a common problem and are not to be divided

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@Alpaco Almost all the members of this forum are aware of the harmful effects of masturbation, regardless of religion, so I don’t think you would face a problem with that. One of the great things about this forum is that we can come together here against porn regardless of religion.

Feel free to message me if anything,


Ash_Matt and NukePizza

I knew I had to explain it better XD

What I meant to say is: we have different reasons to stop, so a catholic or at least christian person could tell me like “say the Holy Rosary” or “Remember that God is watching you and he wants yiu to stop masturbating more than you do, so, don’t disappoint him, you can do it” while someone else will tell me other things I can’t really relate to, for example, I realize it’s not healthy, but health is the last reason I’m trying to stop so…
I didn’t want to offend anyone!! Sorry if I did!!

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Well, I’m a Christian, so I get what you’re trying to say, but why don’t you value your health? Isn’t the body the temple of God?

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Yes, I think I do (?) (Idk I’ve never actually tought of that) I can see when I don’t do it for more than 1 week I feel like when I was a little kid who didn’t know all of that… But when I’m trying to be more motivated this doesn’t really work, I always think
“Then this will be the last one”
And the problem is that then I think
“Only one day won’t change anything”
And I do it again and again…

I really is good to be healthy and feel better, but to go to heaven is even better ◕‿◕

You are right tho, from now on I’m going to think about both. Also the bible says something like you are not sinning angainst someone else or God, but against God and your own body so yes you are right

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