Looking companions for brahmacharya or trasmutate sex energy in inspiritual strength

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Hello, i want to find people interested in brahmacharya or castity whiche is looking transform sexual energy in spiritual power , and help us to achive the freedom, happines and develope conscessnes. I will be happy to have companion and know people with the same goal and interests.


same here…looking into celibacy as a way to achieve spiritual strength and peace.

Wellcome Suraj !! Whats your code?

Would be pleased to join you on your quest :slight_smile: my code is a79f588693cc05d83 :blush:
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Count me in
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Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I am also into celibacy.
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From India.

I am doing brahmacharya
My code is 971ff5.

Instead of code guys…if you want to have a whatsapp group then you can message me on


Hello wizard, nice to see you resurgent.
Thanks suraj! I will think about it.


will be a celibate for an indefinite period…

Add me …code 1861da @raghunandanpareek