Lookin for a Nofap friend

Sharing code - 95c109

Current steak - 7 days
Highest steak - 40 days
Age - 23
Gender - M
Location - India

Why I want a companion -
After starting 2018 with good streak, lost the battle after 40 days…fapped hard for straight 2 days… It wasn’t pretty at the end…
After 40 days i was cocky and overconfident
Learned my lesson.
Patience grasshopper :cricket:… Patience!
Who wants to be my friend.
Hit me up

Today I gonna reach 4 days. My best is 12. I will be 26 this year.

My code: 2259e7

Lets go!

Add me brother 128a79
Day 20 here. Highest streak is 73. Lets break a pr!!!

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