Loneliness, Depression and Nofap

I live by myself in a foreign country plus I’m an introverted person, I don’t like spending too much time with people at least most of them, I feel kinda free alone but the problem is I still suffer from that feeling of void and emptiness, I used to escape that by fapping which I almost just did, I wasn’t even horny I just wanted to turn that noise down and get hypnotized, but Fu*k that , it’s not gonna solve anything just a morphine for couple of hours and I will go against what I believe in and ruin everything I’ve been working for .

I always get these kind of break downs around day 16 , I become easily irretable, I feel depressed, lonely, intense sadness although i still experience most of nofap benefits(focus, confidence, energy, etc…), I used to fap intentionally cause it feels better on day 5-9, I know people can relate, anyways just wanted to let that shit out.

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I think all about dopamine
Try to get ur self a present after a while and get ur self happy