Loneliness and the natural instinct

Everybody Says “You have to improve your physics and mind, be better” and yes, i recognize that’s true, but the loneliness It’s a strong feeling. The most part of the men feel lonely and this is one of the biggest additive for masturbation, it’s like an natural instinct, we need a companion, the loneliness will make everything worse. You can try to ignore this feeling but will destroy you from inside…


Bro atleast give exercising and meditating a try.
You can’t form opinions even before you try the advice people gave you. These are really strong habits, they have the potential to change your life altogether. They will improve every aspect of your life if you manage to do them consistently.
Why do you think I am telling you to do this? Because I used to be in the same condition as you but now I am not and a huge credit goes to these habits (and of course no fap)


Those who fly solo have the strongest wings.


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