London is locked down for 3 weeks

It’s going to be tough sitting alone again for 3 weeks. It’s completely fuckt up mate.
I’m glad for those with high streak, keep it like that, because we never know when we going to leave this life because this virus. We don’t want to die watching p***.
God help us all


Yeah i feel you.

Set a ‘firm honest intention’ bro. Intention is important when it comes to God.
Practice mental fortitude. Don’t stress. Stay alert. Take measures.

This is both for the virus and PMO.


Convid 19 is fatal only for those who are above 50 years of age.
So don’t take stress but be preventive.

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That’s because of their immune system is not powerful. Still, we should not take any chances.
So many people are dying in recent days. I mean not all are ~50 years age ig.

I will just say stay safe.


Relax. There’s tons of activities you can do at home. I’m from Spain and since March 14’th We’re in quarantine. I spent my time quitting smoking, weed, caffeine and now I’m here, to quit from PMO. I played old games that I love, improved my sleep regularity, deep clean my house… Even I spent time doing nothing!! :laughing:

I hope my reply will help suggest you what to do during these days. Keep strong and enjoy!!

“Disrespect is the route to carelessness”
Werner Von Croy


Yeah staying positive helps greatly in staying PMO free.