Login Problem in app!


I am unable to login to the forum inbuilt in app… it is showing that the software powering this discussion encountered a problem!


I am aware of this issue and looking into it. I cannot reproduce the error on my side. Everyone having this issue please reply with their device model no, android version and places you are experiencing this issue (in app, chrome, firefox, etc)

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Redmi 4A , nougat 7.1.2 , and the problem is showing in the app only

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I encountered the same problem with my last phone.

XPeria Z3 Compact, Marshmallow 6.0.1, problem showing in app and browser (but only with the log-in of NF-Forum)

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Same. Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, Android 7.0.

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When I’m on Chrome (Windows 7), everytime I login I get an error message (“oops…” something), but it has logged in, if I go back a few pages and refresh I can see it logged.


I have released a new app update, check if that fixes it.

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thanks admin but unfortunately its still there.


yaaahooo!! thanks admin ! Itz fixed…

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@Reaper73 @DaNao @ReloadingSacks @amadeus.muench
Please confirm?

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Try the new update @anon95821051