Live in the present moment

After every relapse i used to hurt myself by negative self talkes. I would think that oh no now i have to wait for another 14 days to feel good about myself. I would start my studies after 14 days. I would quit my sleeping pills after 14 days. I would excercise after… blah blah blah
But today after i relapsed i relized that i was not living in present either i was depressed about my past or i was waiting for my future and not living the life today.
So today i did all that work that i was gonna do after 14 days hahahaha :sunglasses:
I did some studies, excercise and i am not taking any sleeping aid tonight.
Lets live today. :blush:


Not all progress is lost after relapse. Neuroplasticity FTW! :slight_smile:

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How much percent is lost ? @damusing

According to how many videos you watched

What are you talking about ?