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Why I want a companion :
I have been trying to give a new direction to my life. For almost one year now, I have been feeling like shit, doing nothing, snacking all the time, jerking off quite a lot and ignoring all the opportunities of making my life better.

I am from India, I have my board exams coming up pretty soon, I have to study for that.
All my life I have been a very shy and underconfident nerd kinda boy, and recently after having my first breakup I have started to face the world more boldly (thanks to that lovely girl, god bless her). So I am going out these days, talking to new and unknown people, also making some new friends.

I feel like the biggest problem with me is that I have always felt that I know a lot and hence I didn’t need these forums and communities… but then I asked myself a question “If I know everything, why am I not what I aspire to be” and the answer to that has brought me here (also it made me humble).

So I need a companion who can keep me accountable and converse with me and I hope to make good friends.


Welcome to the forum

I’m Rab, M24, Christian Arab Palestinian.
Last year haven’t been focusing on nofap, trying to be better, trying to find the energy for it…

You can check my diaries if you wanna know anything further , or can just ask me.

This is my code: f8e4fe
Welcome to the forum
I would like a companion :slight_smile:

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Hey, my name is Austin, I’m 17, and my sharing code is 9xj2yk


I’ll add you up brother.
Thank you so much for joining, I appreciate it!


Adding you bro.
Thank you so much!

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