Listening to songs while having urges

Hello guys.
I have a question.
Do listening to songs while having urges help eradicating that urge??

Becs if I listen to songs, it runs all over my mind for hours and sometimes for days. So if some of of you have experience of eradicating urge by listening songs only then I take the risk…

Also please tell other activities that a person can do to get rid of urges without going outside of house.

Instead of cold shower <— which I know.


Ofcourse listening to songs can conquer the urges. Your thoughts run your life, just make a busy schedule so that u don’t even get time to think about it… Urges can occur, never choose to feed those urges. Just go to a peaceful place. Do some meditation or take some push ups.Talk with ur friends. Drink more water. Do some breathing exercises. You can also involve in gardening , it will reduce the stress. Sexual energy is one of the Powerful energies that can even create a life. Why to waste such a powerful energy for a short term pleasure?..
Just think about it when u have urges.
Have a good day :slight_smile:.


What are your passions and hobbies?
Pursue them.