List of challenges

Please guys,
I really love the competitions but before you open a new one, could you check if you fit into an already existing one? There are currently so many:

  • Elimination Chamber Match
  • New Elimination Match
  • New Challenges for 7/15/30
  • 7 Days Beginner Challenge
  • Back to basic 10 days
  • 21 Days Challenge stage 1
  • 50 Days challenge stage 2
  • International competition
  • 5 Days Boost your confidence
  • 100 Days challenge stage final
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People are giving me thanks and encourages much to make new challenges for them.
Hahahaahahaha whats your problem dude.
Are you taking part in any of these ? :laughing:

i do i’m participating in two of em.
i see two problems.
a minor one: half of the topics currently are challenges. if someone writes something really important where he needs help or so these topics will move far down the list within hours.
the major: the challenges are really important but it’s not the only thing that matters. if i was new to this journey i would belive that i can just power through this addiction and after some challenges i will be healed.
i do think that we need challenges but currently everyone is starting new ones. i just think that we reached a healthy amount of them.
once the admin has implemented a function in the app you can start as many as you want

i don’t wanna forbid to create new ones but maybe look up if there already is a similar concept

I see onlyy duplicated elimination matches. Rest differ…

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For your information
I am the one who started these challenges.
Everyone just copy my ideas.

i know that :slight_smile: