Life will always be a struggle

In this life no mater what you do how prefect you plan no matter what drastic life changes you make life will always throw some or the other thing to disrupt your mojo

No one in this life has ever said they are happy all the way long, ups and downs are part of life
You may choose be be the best and hit back at at every aspect of life and thats good in a way but life will always change the questions when you finally were going to get an answer

Embrace the struggle cause nobody can hit as hard as life nobody ,but it’s not about how hard you hit it’s about how hard you get hit and keep moving forward
One must always look ahead cause everything feels ok in the last if you stick up and move ahead nobody should ever loose hope

Today I got informed my mom is diagnosed phase 4 pancreatic cancer

Pray for her everyone ,hope I embrace the struggle ahead of me


Buddy , ur mom will definitely win this war … Just say her not to loose her will power and patience as it’s a long battle .

Humans have won this battle , and she is also human she will also win …

JUST BELIEVE IN GOD AND YOURSELF…:pray::pray::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


oh man! please be with mother in this time and spend alots of time with her.
yeah bro we dont know whats coming next.
i cant say anything because you are going all through this brother, stay strong

i pray for your mom brother!

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Praying @totto_rewire
Very true. Life is a struggles. Else it wouldn’t be life.
Praying for what you said about marriage also.


Oh :astonished: so sad to hear this…
Your mother have this pancreatic Cancer…
I pray for your mother…
And stay strong my friend…

Just curious Is it curable(the pancreatic Cancer)?

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Bro, I can not imagine how tough this is for you. Tbh stageIV is a very serious condition , and your mother will really need you and entire family around her. Be with her bro. I hope your mother will be able to defy all the odds and win this war.


She will win this and she will be alright soon bro. Be with her and give her all hope and support she needed.


Hey bro, feeling extremely sad for your mother.I pray for your mother bro.Stay strong bro,the almighty God is with you​:muscle::muscle::100::100:

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