Life of an Addict

Hello Fapstronauts , i am just a random guy from india, 23 yrs old .
i was addicted to it when i was 13yrs old,my bad!
anyway last december 2017 i knew about nofap community! And i joined it & i was on my nofap journey but i was having relapses after relapses! i didnt knew wat was wrong with me!

guys trust me when u can conceive it in our mind that u can be a fuckingnofap god no one can stop u ! im sure u can achieve the life of fullnes being a god wat it feels like !

Be a god - a nofapgod!

#godspeed to everyone fighting in this nofap journey!


Brother dont say fapgod; use only God.
Yes, Many ordinary Man raised to the height of God due to their brahmacharya lifestyle/hard mode nofap like Gautam buddha, mahavir jain, jesus christ, Sai Baba, prophet mohaammed, etc.
You can proudly call yourself a God.


Bro be careful keep everything write it like this Prophet Muhammad PBUH