Let's talk about something

How have you been feeling lately? Is everything alright? Or there is something you wanna share with us? Feel free to say anything here.


During the last month, I was a bit sad because I could have definitely broke free from this addiction, I was on day 15 when I accidentally watched a triggering image Wich didn’t last till it lead me Masturbating, it was a weak moment.

I simply forgotten how I did it, it was even a struggle just to finish 1 day. I was really lost back then.


Before 2 days, I locked myself in my room and said to my body softly: “I won’t heart you anymore, I want to be your friend”
It took a long breath then replied: "I have been waiting my whole life for this moment

I realized that my body was suffering from each ejaculation after another. But that all changes now. I feel much better.

Thank you @nofapstar123 for this beautiful opportunitie to let me express my feelings :blush:

I will break my record this time. LET’S DO IT :fire: