Let's Rise Together

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It is 1:15am as I lie on my bed ruminating about my relapse. It was my choice to give in, as always. Between every stimulus and response there lies a moment of contemplation, in which the decision is made. It is in such moments which mettle is proved, strength is shown, discipline is displayed. I have been weak previously because I have been on my own. But no more. Now I recruit allies, companions, comrades to aid me. Add me, and we will be strong,we will be accountable, and we will rise together. My code is 49390e. See you soon.


We fall and we get back up again and again until we succeed we don’t know what failure is we just learn and keep improving
My code is 01e5aa lets do it

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31d1fe is my sharing code
Feel free to add bro.

I’m new to this so I know how to find my code but I want a companion to help me

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