Lets just have a talk - i need help

To those who have been able to detox from ur phone
How did u guys do it
I cant stop nyself from using my phone for a few hours also
Just today i didnt use phone till 12 but then i had pressure on my head like i need to watch youtube or play game or watch some anime orelse i wont be able to study further
But once i start doing the above i cant study the rest of the day
So i want to know how were u guys able to handle this

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Question yourself is it necessary
When you get up to do the things that you don’t want to

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There’s an option in the app from which you can schedule the detox.

I would suggest even if you select “everyday”, just make sure to schedule it everyday , i have used it in two devices, and the problem is same , the scheduled detox doesn’t work, so it’s better to schedule it everyday .

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What is the name of the app bro?

Maybe this will help you.

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It’s “Digital Detox”.

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Yeah I used to follow the same.
We can also choose selected apps we want to use as app whitelist.


Thanks a lot :purple_heart:
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