Lets hold hands and punch the fap monster in face and later on celebrate together


Hi ! I am a 19yo from India.
I have been fapping since my 6th standard that was when I was 11yo :-|.
I had a girlfriend and we used to have sex chats an that enraged my fapping tendencies,now I have left her and also going to kick this fucking habit off my environment and mind.
In high school I couldn’t help myself because my companions were same as me fapper and masturbation addict but now as I have found this incredible app.I would like a partner to share routines thoughts and compete for streaks.
My details are below.
Stay tuned and fight back this monster.

Sharing code -648bdd

Current streak -35 minutes(actually I haven’t fapped for like 3 and half days but got this today thas why it shows 35 minutes only)
Highest streak - 25-26 days (summer 2017,been fighting this evil since then)
Age - 19
Gender - M
Location -India

Why I want a companion - Because I am that type of person who believes in holding hands and punching the common interest together to make fight easy and someone to celebrate with.


Bro I am with you… added yoy
My code is 1861da
Addicted to this habit more than 9 years and completely ruined my life …now I am trying to leave it …
Let’s do it together …

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Hey abhi feel free to add me
Sharing code b95f91
Current streak 3days
Come together to kill this evil

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