Let's go to War!

I need No-Fap Warriors to fight with me and defeat the Porn Industry and find to our true selfs!

Sharing code - e5b3f5

Age - 18
Gender - M
Location - Germany

I need YOU fellow No-Fapers to be my companions to have our backs against the enemy.

Added you! Fellow German warrior here, 23 male. My code is 67219d!
Maybe check the internerational forum, we are trying to get a German sub forum formed!
Stay strong!

Added you, my code fb3f5b

Added you bro. We will defeat this devil for sure. Add me bck e6591a

Added you mate
Code - 77b4ee

Added you we are already in war let,s join our troops together and crush them

Hey Mate, seems like we had to meet each other.

Age: 18
Sex: Male
Location: Germany

Let’s get together to fight for a perfect life!


@amadeus @Charist @the_alpha_wolf @SeeMo @anon9232166 @everest777 Good to see strong Warriors ready for this Journey! Added all of you guys!

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Great! What’s your Code? So I can add you back.

Sorry I forgot to put my code 986c6a @anon17327688

Yes bro added you mines pgl5ry
Lets get this bread