Let's fill our lives with music

I don’t know about you guys but music touches my heart. Here’s what I would like. Will you guys put links to your favorite songs so others and i can listen? Whether it’s a motivational song or just a song that touches you when things get tough. Also give some information about the song such as whose it by etc.
Thanks guys

Heres my first song. It’s an EDM song with simple lyrics about someone not giving up on you. It’s by some group called L’Amour Toujours. Enjoy!


I like the sound of this!

This song always puts me in a good mood. It’s by Lighthouse Family. No matter how bad it is right now, we can lift ourselves up again and look forward!


That’s a really good idea! Music can be increadibly usefull to get rid of an urge. I always have a spotify playlist at the ready for those situations. Here are some songs that I like that also fit our nofap journey:

Many, many movie soundtracks, here are some:

  • Becoming one of the people (from Avatar)
  • Lily’s theme (from Harry Potter)
  • Arival at aslan’s how (from Narnia)
  • Tear up this town (from A monster calls)
  • Planet earth 2 suite (from Planet earth 2)
  • Now we are free (from Gladiator)

And some songs with fitting lyrics:

  • The man who lost his pride (by Racoon)
    One line from this song really inspires me: “Step out of that hell that you know so well and give the time you’ve got left a chance”.
  • Bang your drum (by Dead Man Fall)
    This song will tell you that no matter how many times you’ve failed or made a mistake, you should keep moving on and then eventually your day will come.
  • New age (by Marlon Roudette)
    This song is about a man who has moved on from whatever his pain was about. He knows there is no point in lingering in what makes him unhappy (he has turned “New age”)

All of them are on youtube.


God moving over the face of the water - Moby

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Keep them coming! I love these songs.

This song is by Styx. Just get through the night.

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How about some Goa :alien:


Hi there @Sensh1nSeeker . Music is quite magical indeed. This is a song I first heard last night: Dark Sky Island by Enya. Such reverence and beauty.


I’ll need to add some new songs to my playlist!

This song is by Alan Price. It’s a sad song, yet uplifting and full of joy at the same time.

Memories are only about the past, the present time will never last, the future lies within your heart!


Love animusic.

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Let’s get some Bon Jovi up on this joint.

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This song is by Hollywood undead and it talks about how life changes

This is by MackleMore its just a good song

This is by macklemore it talks about no letting money change who you are

This one helps me when i feel like giving up on something its about perservance

This one has bad words in it but it is about killing the haters by becoming successful

This is from creed 2

This is by fort minor doing things the hard way

This one is by benji heard it talks about having a good day

This the last one for now I have a lot of songs on my playlist


Today I’ve edged a little bit, but half way shut the lap top down, put this song on, and just started to jam my brains out like a crazy person. It helped, urge gone and i feel energized like i just got a pair of power plant on my back.