Let's discuss your daily good habits

Hi people…
I am creating this topic to help eact other by sharing their daily good habits, some achievements, any urge, etc.
Let’s go on an ultra-beast mode.
Work hard in parallel with calm mind💪


Whatever good habits you have, try chaining them. This has been a life changer for me, making building good habits easy.

When I work out, I learn a foreign language during breaks, or during some static hold or stretching exercises. When I brush my teeth, I do a horse stance, or asian squat. When I cook, I listen to a podcast. Before sleeping, I read a book, even if it is one page.

Try to chain it to positive things you like.e.g. I start my workout with a coffee. I will have that coffee no matter what. So I will do my morning exercise routine no matter what.


My good habits :
- Listen to music
- Play the guitar
- Watching animes
- Hang out with friends