Let's collect common reasons behind this masterbution addicton

I think behind my addiction common are these and and whats your factors?
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1: No physical activity. (0+1=1)
2: Couldn’t share our problem to others (0+1=1)
3: Lack of will power. (0+1=1)
4: Due to unmarried (0+1=1)
5: Bad thinking (0+1=1)
6: Bad company (0+1=1)
7: Misuse of eyes, like searching and thing such kind of people that create bad thinking in mind (0+1=1)
8: ??? (0+1=1)
9: ??? (0+1=1)
10: ??? (0+1=1)

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Good initiative bro. I can contribute a few points.

  1. Mentality :- “Sex is natural, why not pmo?”

  2. Influence of Western media. They have made sex and masturbation seem normal. They show in movies and tv shows that Mastrubating makes us a “true man”.

  3. Ease of availability. For Mastrubation, one doesn’t have to go out and buy something or even need any equipment, they can literally do it whenever they want, wherever they want it. That’s why this addiction is very dangerous as it’s grip is stronger than others.

I feel these are some of the important points that makes Mastrubation seem normal, if you think there is any other reason too, do add to it.


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