Lets aim for 90 days streak

I need companions, add me guys 23a788 and lets aim together for 90 days

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If you are seriously in.
Heres my code 971ff5


I’m trying the 90 days also. We are together in this, I’ll watch you.
My code f00824
I’m also watching you resurgent.
Be strong people.

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I am in for the challenge

join our hard mode for 2018 topic here
#HardMode_On 2018:

Kamafeo i added you. lets do 90 days.

Guys i am with you i will do my best and you should do aswell !!!


I added you @jason97

Added all of u guys, stay motivated nd try not to relapse… Its difficult initially but as time goes on urges will also slow down thats why we all chose 90 days coz after this time, it will be really easy to control yr urges…

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Count me in too! More companions watching me is one of the reasons I’m staying on track!

My code: 03209d

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Add me as well. a1195d

Added you both @ncore_ankur and @AndrewXD

I’m in as well and have also added all of you. Let’s do this!

Hi… add met too.

Added @saab7 and @Arne… Lets give pmo a tough match this time… The more people connects withvl you the more difficult it becomes to relapse…aim #90 #days