Let us be Honest Guys

There are some Blockers like Cold Turkey X-Blocker etc… (I know these two apps but there are many)…
And also some apps that prevent Prno* you have all the access to enable and disable them… Then whats the point in having them…? And they aren’t free ( I am mentioning here becuz this is a struggle to every teen/age category Between 13- (No matter how old) Also one couldn’t ask money from his parents to buy these Prno* Blockers with full functions…)
Everything is a Business… :weary::weary: Wish they could give people these apps with free access that once they install and enable the blocker they have no option of going back/uninstalling app or even though rebooting mobile… Not that buying this kind of app is unaffordable… But that we can’t ask permission to access the premium content…
Hope you guys would have understood…
Atleast these apps should be free…
It’s all about faith in God (I won’t say Will power ) we can succeed this evil. Thank you.


I feel you bro

Which is relying on will power wont always help you.

There are many communities and workshops through which we can break free from this addiction. But i couldn’t join them because of the same reason as you said.

Now worrying about that wont solve anything.

Instead, i have something for you…
Its a book.
If you haven’t read it already, then read it. Its useful. :point_down:

Hope this book helps…


It’s essential that money be charged for such services from a select group so as to provide fremium acccess to a deprived group …

There is an app available on andorid called as block - its blocks apps (this can work as blocker for you )

Secondly, cold turkey is also free for blocking internet on windows and mac,… it is premium only for blocking apps …

In that case you can use the other app offered by the same company called as manager …it blocks app for free

There you go …free apps

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To be honest,
Porn cannot be blocked by any blocker
It can only be blocked by your mind and will power


Check out “ESET Parental Control”

This is helpful as well…

After installing select option for “child”

Get familiar with its features and then change its password and give it to some companion.

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Bulleye @nofapstar123
Love you.

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Which means we should be more than thankful for @Taher for making rewire companion app free. But donations are possible here.
I’ve already pledged an amount of the first salary I get to rewire companion. You guys can do that too, so that other guys who want to be free from PMO but can’t pay money can use RC app


I can definitely relate to this.

I’ve had a lot of experience using blockers. The thing with externally blocking stuff is that you do not build up any willpower at all. As I consider myself a teh savvy person, I would always find loopholes to bypass such apps and my streak would go down the drain.

One time I set everything up perfectly and reached a 111 day streak. I thought to myself that by this time I must have built up at least some sort of willpower so I should begin my transition away from this blocking. But as soon as I removed the blocking I relapsed.

So now I’m on day 80 without any blocking and I definitely feel going on pure willpower will get you further in this journey.

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Dude as @slave_of_allah recommended, get eset parental control for Smartphone. If you have an Android you’ll a 30 day free trial.

To make setting stringent.

  • Set up the account with your email.
    -Set up an easy password
    After you’re familiar with all the features of the, you change the password and the email address of a friend or companion. This app won’t even let you go to some setting such as ‘accessibility’ in android in order to stop you from uninstalling.

Dude when you don’t have the access of either the password or email. There only one way to deactivate the app is to ‘Reset’ your phone. This is the best po*n blocker app I found on the internet. When I try to “Force stop” the app it blocked the access.

Trial is available for 30 days without credit card. Try it once and build a 30 day streak.

All the best

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:rofl::sweat_smile::cry:. It is sad to get an app free for 30 days what’s the difference? Sure you may start learning to stay away from porn, but it all happens passively also not aggressive enough.

Yes God will help you and everyone else can try to help you, but it has to start from you as well.

You can’t expect to ask someone for help and don’t apply what they suggest to you or pray your knees through till they bleed and still don’t also chase your freedom.

In this case if you are a Nofapper one must act like one and think like one very NB! You can’t act like one and think like a fapper this will never work.

You have to activately FORGET about porn as it limits you. If you pray or meditate do it over the aspect of forcing to forget porn.

Not only spiritual events though you have to do it in real life too!

  1. Delete instagram if it is that big of a problem(trigger) for you.

Learn to go without it or re-program it’s use. Check out fitness posts or cars or hobbies far from what triggers you.

  1. If you think of wanting to type in porn in the search bar just then and there stay of your phone and also engaging in your thoughts and forget it and say no to porn. The more you actively learn to stay away and say no to porn the quicker you’ll forget it.

  2. Don’t get cocky and don’t type in any sexual phrase for porn in the search bar only. It will bite you. Don’t play with your temptation.

  3. Learn to masterbate without porn. Yes I know this is a nofap journey and yes I hate doing this, but I would recommend masterbation but do it without porn.

Combine easy and hard mode of nofap.

These 2 has important aspects to teach you the basics. Our real enemy here is porn. So if you start out it is on Hard mode. Try to avoid both for atleast a week. In any point during this week you watch porn take it as a relapse. But if you masterbated it is okay. Get yourself to masterbate without it will create a new ‘bad habit’ but will be easier to get to a proper hard mode since you don’t have to fight porn and the urges at the same time.

  1. I said easy and hard mode. But we lable everything these days. So lable your Nofap journey easy. Get in the groove of it. Affirm to you it is easy to quit porn and how easy it is to stay away from nofap.

By tricking your brain in making nofap easy no matter on how really hard it is you will actively engage in these thoughts and also become less negative about it.

  1. Also a positive mindset added in your journey. If you relapse through masterbation only. Celebrate about it. Don’t go and say ach it is too hard for me to beat. If you say it is easy and also engage your thoughts in this way also to work in this momsnt to identify what went wrong. Like say you rubbed a bit too much in the shower.

Rather saying it is hard to stay away or rub alot during the wash process. Just say okay it is easy to touch myself less down there jn the shower e.g. power of affirming these thoughts and actively work on it= easy process.

So next time in the shower just recollect your correction and say to yourself you wash the mister last or just quickly not to much action for him. Truely help yourself in this aspect by praying or meditate to stay away or sing songs in the shower. This brings me to the final tip

  1. Have FUN. The thing is release your inner child. Go on Youtube and explore with curiosity. Like eg. Use the channel The king of random. They crazy experiments with a twist. Wtf stuff people don’t normally do or test out life hacks. But it is entertaining aswell as factual at the same time.

Engage in reward activities. Say if you stay away from porn for 3 days you check out this channel on YouTube. Whatever as long as it is fun and keeps you engaged and this is what you want to do. Not to force yourself doing 30 push-ups. If you hate exercises. You’ll give up and also relapse asap.

These are mere temporal things ( the FUN stuff) to stay away from porn but still actively work on ideas thoughts away from it and it will get easy to stay ‘sober’.

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!!

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