Lessons learnt after 23 days nofap

Today I fapped and broke my streak.
It’s amazing the benefits I experienced and even now still experience:

  1. Hair growth
  2. Muscle strength
  3. Energy
  4. Spiritual growth
  5. Clarity of thought

So, some things I learnt:

  1. When you finish peeing, don’t wiggle your thing but rather just dry it with tissue paper.
  2. When you wash your thing, don’t spend too much time washing it
  3. When you start thinking about another lady with lustful intent, stop and change your thoughts to something else like how beautiful the weather is etc.

I’m feeling excited about starting again and know that with Jesus help I will do even better this time.

But I will never give up. Just like He never gives up on me.


A mighty streak! Glad to see you’ve experienced all the benefits, don’t let chaser effect bring you down.


Thank you so much and thank you for the heads up. You know, just today I was tempted to fap because of how steep the heel feels, but luckily I got distracted. We need to continually remind ourselves where we want to be.

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