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My journey up to fairly recently has been private and mental. However if anything this will allow for more accurate information and build for future experiments. Just like my Aloe plants, started out small and now they’re ready for 5 gallon buckets for the next transplant. Still need to bulid a small greenhouse for my seedlings, I’ll figure out how grow them form beginning to end.

In addition I’ve added a Gym membership with a BJJ as a discipline. That is when the current FEARMONGERING has smithers out fully. I’ve been working on mental health with content creation and reading books. Sometimes thats actual books(currently reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill compete edition)other times its observation without judgment.

What works for me,cold showers(yes even in winter),barefoot walking where i can,reading, and testing my ideas out in the pubic(can not grow without opposition).

I love you but I can’t learn it for you.


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Goal 1000

Well the sun not out out per say, its a semi rain foggy haze this morning. At least springs here, the question is we have enough rain for May’s flowers? I’m guessing once all the remaining “snow” melts we could have the beginnings of an AWESOME growing season.

The following weeks projects are the following; transplant my Aloe plants into 5 gallon bucks with water overfill saucers,get a HAM radio certification with radio, and not go stir crazy waiting for my Gym to open(even the owner annoyed it should have been finished being built by now)so i can train in BJJ.

On the bright side I’ve been talking to my Goddaughter alot over FB messager. Perhaps I’ll take a train ride to visit bewtween getting a driver’s license and HAM radio certification. I’d better bring a hydrogen pack too last time i went to CO i was lightheaded a bit.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you.

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Day 408
Goal 1000
I’ll be writing in the evenings from now on that way I’m roughly halfway between days. My brain and speech is similar to Yoda speak I’m told by some. My response is simple “im a nonlinear spirit in a linear body…”.

Farermore i am done lowering my vibration to raise others up only to burnout in the process of possibly enLIGHTING somelse.

For instance once whilexin college there was a classmate(female) was more or less lost in Algebra problem “probably”. So i walked her through it step by step,slower then I’d like to, in the end her “brain” soaked up" the data and “rocketed” forward leaving my brain drained of peoblem solving in Marh. Whether that was her intention or not that blows and I’m not normally a marh wizard, i like its ability to solve problems in many way with only one solution.

Granted i generally have little to no issues with Ladies its the charlatan’s that pass as them that annoy me to no end. The solution simple we as brothers need to shutdown ALL interweb p#÷n sites alike. Not extreme enough for you? Too bad I’m sure somewhere among brothers in this app can do such a thing once we are ALL UNITED under the same goal. It was after all Thinkers who bulit the interweb,granted it was intended for military purposes at first. Butt its not solely now is it?

I love you but I can’t learn it for you.

Day 411
Goal 1000
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So I’m reflecting on how it orginally fell in the [email protected]/n area. Well it was while my stepbrother was being a weasel and I just gotten the chicken pox(thanks little brother). I’m the eldest of three onmy side of the family “It” was his(the only difference his siblings were two sisters EYE only have one the middle kid).
Anywho my kid brother Earnest had gotten it from a friend by the name Bert EYE kid yot knot. So we had our visit to my DAD cut short and headed back to Minnesota for my recovery. Being a Jr. in Highschool I wanted to share my newfound “gift” with my EVERYONE, sadly my mom shut that down in a flash.

Ok fair warning this is where the timeline gets fuzzy on what came in what order next. If EYE recall correctly i was shareing a bedroom(sometime between chickenpox and Wrestling this happened)with “it” since even then EYE didn’t think it was a good idea for my kid brother to share it with “it”(not sure if that made much a difference now knowing what i do) so i volunteered.

So upon returning from shortened visiting “rights” and not getting to have my entire school as miserable as i was. I was a scab picker not an itcher. Everyone was at school at the time(both my mom and her boyfriend were teachers…i refuse to call him dad to this day).

I’m not whether “it” was messing with me before during or after all i know is [email protected]/n was my way of “washing” his scent off. I’m not going into details about the situation but lets say this I’ve forgiven “it” for said crap done to me,my siblings and his. I have zero interest in seeing him EVER again simple since he admitted to ALL counts but mines. EYE believe it was i resisted and joined Wrestling afterwards. My mom was always interested as to why i did and what happened at practice. The men in my family are generally closed lipped and the strong silent type. AND now i loath lairs,secrets and harlets.

Knowing where your origins story and much later why/how you managed to quit is important.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you.