Latenobash Diary - From Zero To Superhero (1)

Hi. Im pretty late to NoNut2018 train, but I will try to resist any urges for the rest of the year. Past 2017 I learnt alot about the addiction and will do my best to beat milestone of 90 days.

In upcoming days of recovery I will try to post about the progress and my daily routine.

Day 0.

Code: 0d9db8

Day 1

I have restarted meditation and cold shower challenge. I feel bad though for missing my morning workout.

No urges at all. My sheets came back from laundry and dont wanna know if they stunk or not.

I need to tidy my room. Clothes stacked on my couch and I didnt feel the need to put them on the shelves.

I havent had a perfect day for a while… What is perfect day for me? Getting things done accordingly to my day plan, so mentioned morning workout, cold shower, meditation and eating healthy (cutting sugar, eating high cartenoid vegetables/fruits, cutting caffeine and sugar, eating according to my diet), learning programming for min 1 hr, avoiding 2 other bad habits and steady bed times.

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It sounds like you have some neat tools to help you with your urges. Great to hear!
Keep going like that

It will get easier to perform them daily

Latenobash is me :slight_smile: