LAST RELAPSE... and why?

Hey guys how is everyone holding up?
I want to know when was your last relapse and what triggered you…
How did you overcame your urges
Want to learn from each others mistakes and hope not to commit them in the future.


Well I started to use this app since the last time I M(ed), and to this day I haven’t done it.
Now, I’m resetting my counter whenever I happen to watch P, and until now I’ve made one reset.
What triggered me was being alone and bored, so as many say, try using your free time in something.
There is an app that gives you different workouts (no equipment needed) for whatever part of your body you want to improve. I’ve started using it today and seems a really good way to kill your time and energy.
Take care and stay strong!


each time i was close to relapsing I wrote in the forum diary how I feel. Like that I was always able not to relapse

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I relapsed today simply because I was amazed over how hard my erection was. During the times where I masturbated 1-3 times a day, it was never this strong. So after 14 days I broke because of the positive effects.

Also, I don’t necessarily consider myself to be “addicted”, but it certainly has has negative impact on my sex life.

Which app is it can you pls give me the link?

“Home Workout - No Equipment” from Leap Fitness Group. Look it on Play Store. It shows a man doing push ups in a red background.

I did same mistake in past. Becoming normal and again getting sick. And the cycle goes on and on. Either stuck in this cycle or break the chain and achieve blissful life.

Yeah, now in my the last days I realized my mistake. My mind is self-destructive af

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I Relapsed because I stayed at home in the weekend, please don’t not stay alone next time.

Pfft. Overcome my urges? You must have me mistaken for some sort of person of change or something. I just relapses for days ago just because I’m a lonely and depressed bastard. Yes, go on ahead and laugh. Everyone else does. The longest I have gone was 10 days and still felt no change. The only reason why I watched porn was to make up for the pathetic excuse of a missing woman in my life. So yeah, that’s the reason why I relapsed. Because I’m a weak son of a b*tch.

I just did today. I had been trying hard for the past few days to keep my streak going but 11 days was it. It coule have been avoided. I was totally aware of the cues and didn’t do anything about it.