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People like me. Actually people who are not enlightened consider the enlightened ones and those which are on this celebacy path as idiots because they do not understand the significance of all this.


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Personally I disagree. I don’t think you are idiots. But at some level you are rejecters of life and Imagine some world beyond. While in my view moderation should be applied. Sex is good when done with your wife. Family is good. The divine is nature herself which is infinite. I don’t think all of you are preachers of death. But this is indeed something the vedic Civilization have produced and Christianity fully adopted and currupted.


No problem brother, you can only speak as much as your mind allows you and as much you have gathered.
And i would like to point you out that nowhere I’ve written that I reject life.


day 108 no urges…


33 days on Hard Mode.
I noticed huge benefits:
1.Intense amount of energy
2.More focused
3.Learning faster
4.More self-confidence
5.Motivated to stand the fuck up
6.Can meditate deeper
I don’t find girls attractive anymore.Even my emotions for my crush has gone.
Does anybody else had the same withdraw?


Sorry guys, I’m down.
D - 0


Bad news!

@MrXYZ moved to gladiators arena :shield::shield:

Please explain your trigger so that others can learn something.


Why did you Relapse bro even after 100+ days?


Elimination due to inactivity :no_entry_sign:



And I thought it would become quite easy after the 90 days reboot…
You are one of my inspiration in this journey @MrXYZ
bro,what led you to relapse…?


@AnkitK Hey Ankit, I got busy these two days and forgot to update. Could you please add me back? My current streak is 67 days. Thanks a lot!


@ysung You can add yourself back with the new streak. It is upto you how soon you want to remove your name from the graveyard. :+1:


Stress was the sole reason that led me to relapse. That said, overconfidence was one of the major contributing factors. I should have been more careful about it since brucelee warned us for the same.
The thing that I regret the most is that while I was moving towards a relapse what ‘I’ told myself was that it was ‘my’ decision that I was going to fap. This mentality has ruined me. This is what led me to a relapse in my last streak (119 D) .
I have come to realise an important point apart from these things. It’s that to be truly free one has to embrace freedom and proudly say that it is mine. Until now, all I had been doing is postponding the date of my relapse. Although I wanted to believe that I’ll make it, somewhere deep inside me I told myself feebly that there will be a day where I’ll fail. This is a toxic mentality and must be gotten rid of.Until now, all I had been doing is postponding the date of my relapse.I used to say “not today” whenever I felt an urge. But I should have been saying is that “you don’t exist”.
I’ve never talked much. Nor will I now.
actions will speak.


Thanks for expressing your concerns @Invincible_Knight and @Nayak. I am sorry…
@Invincible_Knight you are at D-10, keep going up. Now it is your turn to lead the way brother. I’ll be following you.


40 days completed :v:
10 days to go for God’s arena.


@AnkitK Hi, I have added myself back! Can you help to check if the format is ok? Thanks!


Day 93, :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:I’m very happy with this first streak.


I’m a gladiator now :sunglasses: BruceLee%20fight%20scenes_1%20(1)