Last Person Standing Match ⚔



:warning: @Macbeth

Update your streak within two days.


Add me please
I m 21 age…male
My sharing code is o521gg
Current streak : 30 days and going


Gates were closed on the New Year Eve.


Whats up fellas. Just hit 100. Next goal 200. Lets get it!


Good job brother ur a beast :muscle::facepunch: was it a clean streak (monk mode clean?)


Thanks man. Yes, monk mode clean. No PMO at all…


Bravo rude dogg! You rock man! Feeling very inspired by your achievement!


Elimination due to inactivity :no_entry_sign:




7 Fapstronauts have earned :star2:(s) and more are going to cross 100 soon. This group is becoming “Legend-maker group”.

I think we should start part two when there will be zero participants in gladiators and slaves arenas. What do you say? @BruceLee
This match will continue.


Just an innovative idea, we can like combine the Last person standing and Challenge a companion in some way to make things more interesting. For that, try to end this season around April 2019. What do you guys say? @AnkitK @BruceLee


We can end this season by announcing all participants in gods arena as Winners. (When the number of participants in other two arenas go to zero). But the winners will have to continue editing their streaks.

We will think and combine the matches after this season. @aapoorv75 @BruceLee


@koylakhadan fell into the pit of slaves :chains::chains:


@ysung @kaamdev

Edit your streaks withing two days.



Correct your sharing code within 2 days.


20 days completed, move me to gladiators arena. :muscle:


21 is the checkpoint.


U will be moved if u hold till tommorrow. :joy:


46 days :slightly_smiling_face:


@kaamdev Please edit your streak in the scoreboard.


Got another number update today boys. Officially 40 years old. 103 day streak on the 40th bday. Ill take it. Here is to another 60 years! Stay motivated guys. Remember you decide. Nobody else.