Last Person Standing Match 4.0


No more Fake promises… I am going to win this match. This is Last Man Standing


Can we do something different this time, there are many other groups in this forum for daily check-in, daily meditation etc.
So, we should do something different, what do you think guys @_KarmaYogi @Sahas @Martial_Beast @Alegend @Forerunner


Unfortunately no. We will follow the same pattern with some improvements


What do you want to be different? We can add it. Any suggestions

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Everyone, please have a look on the first post. I have updated the rules.
Let me know your concerns if any.

posting it again…
Announcement :studio_microphone:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Last Person Standing Match is back with its 4.0 version. The previous versions have been quite successful in getting people out of this addiction.
The 3.0 version was completely different as it aimed to help build a strong habits regime to make one successful in not just nofap but in walks of life.
The 4.0 version is aimed to take that objective a notch higher . This is going to be even more challenging and towards the end of 90 days, it will manifest the best in you.

Rules are the same as in 3.0 version with few additions.

Refer below link to read the rules of 3.0

Last Person Standing Match 3.0 Accountability Group

The Last Person Standing Match 3.0 I welcome everyone to the third version of Last Person Standing Match. This match has helped a lot of people in getting serious about nofap and achieve a significant amount of success. From the last two versions, we have learnt a lot, and this version aims to make this match even better by adding a habit tracker. The importance of habits can not be over-emphasised. They are the key to a successful nofap journey. Having said this, I mention the rules we have a…

:black_small_square: Match is open to all including the winners of previous versions. Reason being, others will get an opportunity to learn from the winners and implement their good things.

:black_small_square: There were will be 4 mandatory tasks.
This is related to your dream. The one thing that you always wanted to achieve. It can be getting a dream job, making lots of money, getting your dream girl or whatever for that matter. You need to have an action-plan for next 90 days as in what are you gonna do daily to reach your goal. The task that you do will be added as your 4th mandatory task. You can watch this video to get started

How to Design Your Life’s Blueprint | Martin Luther King | Goalcast

:black_small_square: In case you get heavy urges then you have to report it here. Also, if you notice you are getting demotivated gradually and there are chances you might relapse soon then you need to report here. Basically, if you get any hint that you will be relapsing soon for any reasons then you need to report and confess the same. Those who help you in this situation will be given the medal of The Altruist :medal_military:
The bottom line is that
You have to make sure that you maintain the same level of motivation throughout the 90 days and any dip in the motivation level needs to be reported

:black_small_square: The members who are very active as in they post good quotes, motivation stories, share the positive changes they have seen in their lives and help others will get the medal of The Altruist :medal_military: This medal doesnt give you any points as this is not a mandatory task… but its good if you do this.

The match will formally commence on 13th of November.
Till then all the participants are supposed to figure out their immediate goals and carve out an action plan for next 90 days and mention the same in the score board.
Everyone is incongito here so I hope none will have any issues in sharing their dreams.


4th mandatory task related to dream is a great idea @_KarmaYogi. I completely agree to the rules.


@hellojaani great to have you back… Long time…
How are you doing ??


Hey man, glad to be back. I’m doing much better life wise… nofap wise not so good haha. And so here I am, this is the LPS I clear! Always great to see longstanding friends, hows things at your end?


Hey I am good. Still struggling in nofap. Hope to end it with this match.



I have written my dreams and action plan. I am software developer and my dream is to be among top 1% coders in India. I am starting with 3 hours and plan to double it gradually.

Other participants please write your goals as well if you figured out


This time I will make it.

the reasons why I relapse is

  1. I don’t keep myself busy
  2. I stay at my room whole day
  3. I hang out with losers

action plans are
I will

  1. come to my room only to sleep
  2. I will fresh up and bathe as soon as I get up and go to library or lab to study
  3. stay away from my phone as much as possible for 1st 30 days
  4. spend time with those who are expert at their fields to learn from them.
  5. Daily Check IN
  6. overcome the fear of escaping comfort zone, i.e.hit 90 DAYS


  1. i want play Inter IIT Football tournaments.
  2. Want to win ROBOCON Nationals
  3. top at my institute and be expert in my field

SACRIFICES that I am ready to MAKE

  1. instant pleasures
  2. procrastination
  3. laziness

Life is all about give and take. NO PAIN, NO GAIN
my luck, my love, my GOD, they will come from…PAIN.


@KillerAttitude @hellojaani @Sahas @Martial_Beast
Hope you guys are busy figuring out your dreams and plans to achieve the same…
The match will start on 13 th… Ensure you are done with that before 13th


My dream is to become a self Master.
My vision is To achieve NIRVANA…THE ENLIGHTENMENT.

@_KarmaYogi Do a favour for me … brother… i never asked for this … Now i need this the most… If you are my true friend. START THE MATCH NOW.

Ring the bell… and blow the trumpt… cant wait… plz do this for me. I will not ask for more favours. Just do this … for me.


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@Sahas I read your status bro! Don’t even think of suicide. You will not be able to do nofap transmutation in a useless carbonless body of ghost species. Be courageous and keep intact the best form of life. Do nofap.


Oye Oye @Sahas
Suicide is not an option.
Real warriors don’t commit suicide when they feel they are gonna lose the battle. Cowards do.
A warrior fights and is not afraid to die in the struggle.

Don’t feel so low.

We are what we think we are. If you feel like a loser, you are a loser. If you feel you can do it, you can. Success is just a state of mind. But results are not instant.

I had the same feeling of commiting suicide a year back. Think of those who depend on you.

You are worthless in only your eyes . When you feel you are in struggle, it means the bright days are close ahead.

I think you need a change of routine. Go, enjoy, watch nature, see kids playing, watch some good and inspiring movies.


@_KarmaYogi How do I participate in this match? Actually I am new to all of this. Please help me!

What is the opening day?
And until what day can I apply?
I am traveling and want to participate as soon as I return.

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The match will start on 13th. Have your name included in the page 2

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@Sahas @hellojaani

You guys have not written about your dreams and the corresponding action plan. Please enter is asap

@Ashketchum07 @KillerAttitude @Kaito_Kid1412 @the_resilient_one

You guys need to quantify you action plan. You need to be specific like how many hours and what particular work in those hours. Withouht this it will be difficult for you guys to monitor your progress

@Winicius since you are on a travel …you can join whenever you are back

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